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Custom drain location on pan


Posted 3 years ago

I have a existing opening of 60" wide from stud to stud. Your standard shower base would fit but there is one big problem - there is a floor joist right were your drain location would be! Is there any way I could order a base with a custom drain location to my needs? Thanks in advance! 


Posted 3 years ago

Stan, not a problem at all sir! Just specify what drain location you want and we will have it manufactured accordingly. Don't worry about the slope either. Your pan will be sloped towards the drain wherever you have it located. So leave your floor joist alone and save some money on the cost of a plumber! Order a custom shower pan and drop it in place. 

mike spalla

Posted 9 months ago

Hi. Im replacing a 48 x 34 1/4"(without 1/8" deductions from wall joints) My drain location is front center; which is approximately 8" to the center of the drain from the front of the shower entrance. I cant find any shower pans with a drain in this location. I need your help. The drain location is 22 1/8" from the sides and 25 1/4 " from the back of the shower and once again 8" from the front of the shower.

Adam Harpe

Posted 9 months ago


You can have a shower pan custom made to your specifications needed. A standard pan will not work. Specify the stud to stud dimensions and the drain center from your framing and the shower pan can be made accordingly (with all of the proper 1/8" clearances). 



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