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Liner vs liquid membrane


Posted one year ago

Hey All, new to the forum I am doing/planning out my reno, but having a hard time finding/deciding on the following.
I gutted my master bathroom down to the studs, I am planning on building a custom shower pan (as it comes out to an odd size). Biggest question that i have and have gotten mixed answers is to use a pvc liner or use liquid membrane such as hydro ban or aqua defense. 

Now let me explain what my plan is - 

- I plan to build out my frame for the shower (curbs, half walls and such)
- Cement board the entire inside of the shower including the floor, I will tape and thinset the joints and screws on the walls. 
- Then I will seal it with the Mapei Aqua Defense and fabric cloth for the cracks and edges and apply 3 coats in total. 
- Then I will build a sloped mortar bed on top of this and after the mortar bed is dry seal it again with Aqua defense including the walls.
- Then proceed to tile the shower.

From what I have research/read I haven't found anyone using this exact method, I have spoke to a few plumbers, GC's and friends who have done bathroom remodels and have gotten a mix of answer. My question comes down to CAN I use this method instead of using the PVC liner? 

Thanks in advance.

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