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Sheetrock hight and square


Posted one year ago

We are remodeling our 1934 Craftsman home. The sheetrockers put  Water resistant sheetrock all the way from the new subfloor to the 9 foot ceiling.  One wall is just Sheetrock ant perpendicular wall was laid over lathe and plaster. Questions...

Should I cut the sheet rock back to the studs on the new wall a quarter inch above my Onyx floor pan?  How deep do I cut the wall that is lathe and plaster covered by sheet rock?

Thanks for your help… Glenn 

Adam Harpe

Posted one year ago


Do you already have the Onyx shower pan? If so - how wide is it from tile flange to tile flange? 

If you have not already ordered your shower pan - what width do you have from existing sheetrock to sheetrock? 

I am assuming they installed 1/2" sheetrock......



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