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Are their any weight limitations to the shower pan?


Posted one year ago

I am remodeling a shower that's in a House that's on a A**BNB site, the owner what's something durable cause she had a tenant Crack a shower pan she had installed from H Depot one that was designed with a rib and foot system. So this system was designed to sustain only upto 300 pounds witch this person happend to be allot hevier than causing it to Crack in the weak spots between the foots.

Adam Harpe

Posted one year ago

Javier, I really wanted to go into a lengthy explanation on why the Onyx Collection shower base is much heavier duty and durable than a fiberglass shower pan but I would have just been rambling I decided to just let the pictures speak for itself :) diy custom showers base thicknessdiy-showers-pan-thicknessCheers!Adam  

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