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Walk in shower Frameless Hinge door size?


Posted one year ago

Hi, I have a walk in shower with an opening measuring 59 in exactly. All sides including the curb are leveled (all plumb). I am shopping for a Frameless Hinge glass shower door. Im thinking that a 58.75 in door will fit. Is this correct? how do i know what size door to buy? I know that there needs to be some room left for the hinges as well a small gap for where the 2 glass panels meet at the center. Im looking for a door that is completely frameless except for the 4 hinges that hold the door and stationary panel. frameless shower door

Adam Harpe

Posted one year ago


You would specify what your finished opening is and all of the adjustments will be made with the manufacturer. So, measure from tile to tile or shower panel to shower panel. Because the walls are plumb both specs should be the same. 

Also - be sure that you have the proper wood backing in place in order to support the weight of the frameless shower door. HEAVY!!!!!! This stationary side is not nearly as important as the shower base curb will support that weight. 



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