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Shower Stall replacement - Drain Hole??

Randy Shubert

Posted one year ago

I am replacing a current shower stall in a basement.  going to a larger size (60"x32" from 32"x32").  My problem is with the drain hole.  It is a center drain (16" x 16" off walls).  All the 60" stalls with drain cut cut outs will not fit.

Is ther ea base unit that can be custome cut to fit current drain?


Adam Harpe

Posted one year ago



A custom shower pan can be manufactured with your exact custom shower drain location! Just specify exactly where you would like to have the drain placed and no expensive calls to the plumber are needed :) The shower floor will also have a consistent taper to the shower drain for proper drainage. 

Keep in mind you would be going custom so you can have the size made to whatever size you'd like as well with minimal up-charge. 

So for example: You have room to fit a 38" deep base and would LOVE the extra elbow room - go ahead and order it that way. 



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