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Home owner

Kenneth J. Roy

Posted one year ago

I am interested in installing a new tub surround. The old surround is glued to plywood substrate, and can be removed if needed, although I do not remember what type of adhesive I had used. Can your surround material be fastened to my old surround (PVC, Vinyl, etc)? If so, what would I need to use for that? Also, how does your surround material compare to acrylic and PVC surrounds? 

Adam Harpe

Posted one year ago


I would highly recommend removing your existing surround. You can leave the plywood substrate if you'd like and just adhere the new Onyx Panels to that. Be sure that is it free from debris and dust before attaching the shower panels to the plywood. Adhesive silicone come with your purchase of the shower panels. A colormatch silicone is also included for sealing the corners and all seams. 

Onyx Collection products are made from a polyester resin and ATH filler. Fairly similar to acrylic shower panels but are much easier to install and cut/trim. PVC is functional but nearly as beautiful. 



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