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Standard pan in oversized opening

Ken Holloway

Posted one year ago

My stud to stud distance is 60.5 inches.  My Onyx pan measures in at 59.75 inches.
That leaves a 1/2 gap on one side.  Only solution I can imagine is putting a second layer of 1/2 sheet rock on one side.

How do you solve this problem?

Adam Harpe

Posted one year ago


You are thinking correctly. I would either fir out your studs with 1/2" plywood or just double rock (1/2" thick) one of your walls. 

Keep in mind if you are doubling the thickness of the wall that has the shower valve in it you would want to adjust the depth of the shower valve in the stud cavity as well in order to compensate for the added 1/2" layer. You wouldn't want to have any issues when you try to fasten your shower trim kit to the shower valve. If you have installed a new shower valve they are equipped with a plastic piece attached to the shower valve showing you the proper placement on the depth. The face of the plastic will end up being the finished surface of your shower panels. 

If you send me over some pictures of your shower I could maybe make a suggestion on which wall to fir out? 



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