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Posted one year ago

When measuring to install Onyx shower walls with floor to ceiling subway tile,  do I need to consider the height of the shower base?  I have a standard 8 foot wall.  96 inches would be the measurement without considering the 4 inch standard shower base .  If I include the base height of 4 inches then my measurement should be 92 inches for the shower wall?     

Thanks for your help,

Adam Harpe

Posted one year ago


When providing yours specs for the desired height of shower panels measure from the floor. The shower pan (low profile or full height) will be deducted from the overall height of the shower panels. 

If you plan on installing the shower panels to the ceiling I would recommend over-sizing them a little (1" or so)  so you can trim them to get that perfect fit next to your ceiling. If you plan on doing a crown molding (makes for easier shower panel installation as well as giving your ceiling panel more support) over-sizing will not be needed. 

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. 

God bless all of our military and veterans!!!!!! 



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