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shower door frame not level

long thi

Posted 9 months ago

Need to reinstall shower pivot door frame, but the issue is I removed some material that helped the frame be leveled. I removed it because it was cracking and I thought i didn't need it. I wanted to recaulk the frame because the wall around the shower was cracking and having bumps, probably due to the steam coming out of the cracks of whatever it was that was helping the frame get leveled. I will upload the pics of what this material looks like, but any other suggestions will be welcomed. I thought about using spray foam to help make it level but unsure about that idea
also want to say that this material feels like rubber

Adam Harpe

Posted 9 months ago


Yes pictures would definitely help. 




Posted 9 months ago

Adam Harpe

Posted 9 months ago

If you are able to replace the door I would recommend it. If you are really wanting to keep it on life support for a couple more years then here is what I would suggest. 

Take the tracks out and clean the frame and the tile walls as good as you can.

Apply a composite shim to the wall with silicone. Be sure the shim is the correct thickness to achieve plumb in your wall. Also make sure the shim is not visible when the track is re-installed. The shim should be placed where the current holes are in your tile walls. When you tighten down the screws installing your tracks you don't want the tracks to bend. 

Apply a heavy bead of silicone to the backside of the shower door tracks. Re-install the shower door tracks. Seal the inside and the outside of the tracks with 100% silicone. 

Here is a video that shows how to apply silicone. 

I hope this helps you in your quest of resurrecting your current shower door! 




Posted 9 months ago

Great video 

Are the tracks the frame itself and when applying the silicone do you mean apply a straight line on each side of the back of the frame and to apply it on the corners where the wall meets the frame? 

I like the idea of using the shim never thought of that but any ideas on what those white filler things are that is behind the frame, was thinking about using that before since its strong as well. The big issue is that I am not a pro and am afraid of damaging the wall when removing the screws that are holding the frame plus the screws seems rusted so I will probably strip the head and maybe taking out a screw or two will even take out meat of the wall. What are your thoughts

Thank you

Adam Harpe

Posted 9 months ago


Your tile seems pretty 'sturdy' but that is difficult to fully access from pictures. I would recommend taking the screws out and running a scraper between the tile shower walls and the tracks. 

Remove the tracks slowly. If you feel like it is really stuck - get the scraper out again! 

If there is a void on the backside of the track - fill it with silicone. If there is no void (flat) - run a bead of silicone on either side of the track. 



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