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Brand new condo shower FLop.


Posted 9 months ago

Purchased a new condo in Santa Ana, ca and had the builder do an upgrade however the gray tiles look bland and where the soap cut out is, the tiles are white and looks odd to say in a nice way. Is there any way to fix this. Dye the area or add colored grout to the end. I was told by the builder its the Inside of the tile and no changes can be made. tile-shower-grout-caddytile-shower-grout-caddy

Adam Harpe

Posted 9 months ago


Your contractor is correct. The white you are seeing is the un-glazed part of the tile. Ask your contractor if he can install a 'bull-nose or chair rail' type of trim around the outside of the shower caddy? It would be very similar to a picture frame that would hide the un-glazed part of the tile as well as add a little character to your shower niche. Bling it out ;) 




Posted 9 months ago

Thank you Adam for looking at the photos and replying. I may have to find a new craftsman to finish with a bull nose or frame the shower niche. The builder only installs one way and won't deviate. But with your advice I now know what to ask for. 


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