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How To finish unfinished edge


Posted 11 months ago

We bought the Onyx Collection (Mystique) shower kit. We also bought a "slab" of the mystique to use as a vanity top.  We mistakenly only had 2 of the 4 edges finished. Should have had 3 edges finished.  Any way for us to finish one edge ourselves?

Adam Harpe

Posted 10 months ago


The edge can be finished but it will not look the same as the other edges. You can take a router and shape the edge and then apply a clear acrylic or polyester resin to it. It will take several coats (sanding between). 

The reason why it won't look exactly the same is that you are somewhat reversing the process of how the Onyx Collection manufactures their product. The Onyx Collection applies a coat of polyester gel coat to the mold and then the filler (ATH and Polyester resin) is poured in. 

I would say that it is worth a try but if you are not happy with the finish you may have to order a new piece...




Posted 10 months ago

Thanks Adam. I will give this a try!

Adam Harpe

Posted 10 months ago


No problemo! Have a great Labor Days weekend! 



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