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Bowl and Edge Styles

We offer a wide selection of Onyx Collection vanity bowls below to match your style. Bowls can be any color, and can include a stripe or image inlay. Bowls are integrated with the lavatory deck

Bowl Styles






Vanity tops can be ordered in several thickness, 5/8", 1", and 1½".

5/8" Thick

1" Thick

1 1/2" Thick


Edge Profile

Your lavatory deck can be ordered with any of the following finished edge profiles.

Raised Edge

Available in 5/8" thick

Flat Edge

Available in 5/8", 1",and 1 1/2" thick

Ogee Edge

Available in 5/8", 1",and 1 1/2" thick


Bevel Edge

Available in 5/8", 1",and 1 1/2" thick

Double Eased Edge

Available in custom 1" and 1 1/2" thick



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