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Who we are

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Adam Harpe has been working with The Onyx Collection products for more than a decade. Adam first worked at The Onyx Collection as a draftsman. His day to day job was to work with homeowners, contractors, remodelers, designers, and architects ensuring they would receive the proper Onyx Collection product that they needed for their unique and particular project. Answering 80 to 100 phone calls a day about just Onyx Collection products was the norm. After working in the office for more than 5 years he realized he could be of service to those same clients by offering installation services and sales as his own boss. Premier Custom Baths was formed and was a success for those Kansas customers that wanted that 'turn-key' job from demo to completion. In his business, Adam realized yet another void needing attention in the industry. Knowledge and expertise for the customers that just wanted to do it themselves. Adam would receive calls all the time like- "How hard is this stuff to install?" - " I wanted to try and do this myself. If I buy the product from you would you give me the know how and the tricks to get the job done right?" Hence, DIY Showers was formed. A company dedicated to educating Kansas homeowners on how to do a great job of installing The Onyx Collection products and saving money all at the same time! We sell you product and deliver it to your doorstep. The product knowledge, our product expertise, and customer service is free!

Adam moved to Kansas in 1987 with his parents and seven other siblings. He attended a private Catholic school for 12 years. He stuck around after high school and married his wonderful wife Sarah and now have 5 beautiful, destructive, amazing, boys.

Apologies go out to miss Jones, Adam's English teacher. Adam wrote this ;)



What we do

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DIY SHOWERS is a family owned business that provides Kansas homeowners the ability and knowlege to measure, order, and install Onyx Collection products at a fraction of the price that you would hire it done for. Here at DIY Showers, we take great pride in our knowlege of the product as well as getting you exactly what you need to acheive your bathroom goals.

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