If your replacing your tub for cosmetic updates or accessibility reasons, a new shower will improve your bathrooms functionality and looks and the value of your home. Weather you have a typical fiberglass tub surround or a cast iron tub and tile walls, your options are about the same however the fiberglass surround may be a little easier to remove. You can use standard shower size and shapes or have a custom shower base and surround. Either way, an Onyx Shower is easy to install!


Tub Surround

Measuring the surround


Determine the size of your existing tub and the space you have to work with. Most conventional tubs are about 58” inside the tub and about 60” from stud-to-stud rough opening. Measure from the wall board on either side and add 1/2” for wall board on either side. This should get you your stud-to-stud measurements.








Removing tub wall

Removing tub wall


The first step to getting started is to remove the old bathtub as well as any tub framing that is in place. The process can vary wildly depending on installation methods used. As a rule, tubs are mounted to the wall studs with screws under the finish wall material, and are set on top of a bed of mortar. However, some plumbers install tubs on top of expanding foam and forget to include a sheet of plastic. Once that foam hardens the only way to separate the tub is with a reciprocating saw. From there, the platform can be unscrewed or pried loose with a hammer and pry bar.
Take everything down to the wall studs and sub floor.





Shower Base / Pan

Install shower pan


Make sure the floor is solid and level and the drain is prepped. Install the shower base in place and make sure it is level front to back and side to side. If it is uneven, Thin set, expanding foam or a shim might be necessary. The shower base should have about 1/4″ space between the studs and the shower base.






Installing the wall board

Installing the wall board


Sheet rock, green board, or Dura-rock cement board can be used for wall board. If you decide to use any cement board, be sure to prime it first so you have a clean dust free surface for the Onyx wall panels. The wall board should come down to the top of the base leaving about 1/4″  gap between the base and the wall board.






Installing wall panels

Installing wall panels


Dry fit all your Onyx Wall Panels First to make sure there is no trimming needed. When all panels are ready for installation, apply adhesive silicone to the back of the panel according to the manufacturer specifications. First install the back panel, then the two side panels.