Installing a Wall Mount Shower Seat from The Onyx Collection

Onyx Shower Seat

A shower seat can ad functionality and safety to any shower. Weather you have tile or Onyx wall panels, the installation is the same. The Onyx Collection shower seat comes with all the mounting hardware needed.





Wall bracing

Installing Bracing

The wall mount seat needs framing support. Determine the desired height of seat (Usually about 20” from the sub floor to the center of the board). Then install a backer board in-between the studs to give support and something to bolt the seat to. A 2“ x 10” is recommended for strength and it gives the most flexibility for height adjustment.





Measuring Seat HeightMeasuring  seat height

After the drywall and Onyx wall panels are installed, you will need to measure and mark where the seat will go. Measure from the shower pan up about 17” – 19” (We deduct about 1-2” for the thickness of the shower pan).





Marking Shower Seat PositionMarking level line

Apply painters masking tape to the wall on both the back and the side as shown. Then mark that height with a pencil on the tape. Using a level, draw a pencil line across the tape on both the back and side wall. This will be the center line of the seat.




Pre-Drilling HolesPre-Drilling holes

Once you have a level line, hold the seat in place and align the pre drilled holes with your level line. Mark each hole on the tape for drilling. Pre-drill  pilot holes Through Onyx walls and into wood blocking. Then enlarge only the hole through the shower
wall (panel or tile) by drilling a ½”clearance hole.




Applying Adhesive SiliconeApplying adhesive silicone

Apply adhesive Silicone to the back of the seat (only a little silicone is needed as the lag bolts will support the seat once installed).





Mounting The Seat To The WallInstalling lag bolts

With the seat in position, insert the lag bolts through the holes. Tighten the bolts using a 9/16” socket wrench. Be care full not to over tighten the bolts. Once installed the seat should not squeak when it is moved. If it does, tighten bolts a little more until squeaking stops.




Seam Fill SiliconeSeamfil silicone

Finally, apply Onyx color match silicone to the seams between the seat and walls. Allow 24 hours before using your shower to allow all silicone to cure. For further information see the manufacturers instructions