Silicone Quick Tip

Step 1

Applying colormatch silicone to your newly installed Onyx Collection shower not only will aesthetically make it more pleasing to the eyes, but also serves as a security blanket that will not allow it to leak causing water damage. Silicone is an amazing sealant because it will move with your product when your house shifts during the summer and winter months. I compare this type of installation to a fish aquarium – you fill up an aquarium with water (expansion) and then you empty it to clean it (contraction). The seal doesn’t break – it stretches. Aquariums use silicone as well.

Here are a couple of tricks to finishing off your job the right way!



Silicone Quick Tip

Step 2

Open your tube of colrmatch silicone (this tube is labeled with blue lettering instead of the red lettering for adhesive silicone) by cutting a small hole at the tip of your tube with a sharp utility knife. With a poker (usually located on a caulking gun) puncture several holes in the foil seal. Place silicone tube in the gun. 




Silicone Quick TipStep 3

Have a spray bottle pre-filled with rubbing alcohol. This will be sprayed on the newly applied silicone bead immediately after the silicone is applied. Before applying any silicone be sure that your shower and seams are free of any debris such as dust, dirt, etc. 




Step 4

Starting at the bottom of your panels (where the panels touch the shower base) apply a continuous bead of silicone.






Silicone Quick Tip

Step 5

Spray down the silicone bead immediately after silicone application. If your spray bottle allows, use a setting that mists the bead.

Taking your index finger, pull out excess silicone by running your finger along the adjacent surfaces. Excess silicone is then wiped onto a paper towel. We recommend pulling (not pushing) the excess silicone out about 6″ to 8″ at a time due to excess silicone on your finger. After the seam has been cleared of excess silicone (you should have a small bead now) spray down the silicone bead for one last pass with your finger to ensure a smooth finished silicone bead.



Silicone Quick Tip

Step 6

All seams in the shower must be done in this manner. So depending if you have a shower seat, shower caddies, grab bars, shower door, shower trim, etc. these must be sealed as well to ensure a water tight shower unit.