How to cut an onyx panel
Installing Onyx wall panels for your walk-in shower or for your tub surround.


Onyx wall panels are available in five different finishes.
Smooth Gloss, Stone Tile, Subway Tile, Slate Texture and Smooth Matte. They are easy to install and maintain.




Onyx Wall Panel Finished Edge

The wall panel are 3/8″ thick and can be made up to 120″ tall. Onyx Panels can be used for Shower wall, Tub Surrounds or even wainscoting.

They come standard with 2 finished edges and two cut edges but can be made with all 4 edges finished. The finished edges will face out and the cut edges will go to the inside.







The Onyx wall panels can be cut, notched or sanded with standard wood working tools. First use painters tape to cover the area to be cut to avoid scratching. A jigsaw or circular with a wood blade will work  best.







Silicone the Onyx Panel

The wall panels are glued to the wall with adhesive silicone.  Make small circles across the backside of the panel about 2″ to 4″ large and about 8″ apart. Then run a bead around the outside of the panel about 1/2″ in from to edge. Make the silicone bead about 3/8″ thick to ensure proper adhesion, and be sure to cover the entire panel. Be sure to install the Back wall panel first.









Once the back wall panel is installed,  measure from the back wall panel to the center of the shower valve to find the location to drill the hole. Next, protect the surface of the panel by covering it with painters tape, and measure the side panel and make a mark where it is to be drilled. Use a hole saw like the one to the right, and cut the appropriate size hole for your shower valve. Typically a 2″ hole will be enough, but check your shower valve manufacturer recommendations first. Then drill a hole for the shower head. Typically  1″ home should be enough.







Installing Onyx Wall Panel

After the back wall panel is installed and the valve holes are drilled, install the side panels. The panels should have a 1/8″ gap between the side walls and the back wall and also the shower base or tub. This is to allow for expansion.







PC-Bath-Installs_2758Once panels and any  accessories  are all installed, fill all the gaps with color match silicone. For more info, see our blog on silicone. Silicone your Onyx Collection Shower









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