Onyx vs Tile and Fiberglass


Onyx Collection showers are a composite product which allows for custom sizes in one piece. Tile is made of porcelain, slate, glass, or ceramic and are available in several sizes ranging from 1 x 1 to 18 x 18 typically.

Fiberglass is a textile fabric made from woven glass filaments and comes in standard sizes only. The unit consist of a tub/shower or shower only with the wall panels integrated with the shower base or tub. You can also just purchase a fiberglass shower pan and install another material for a wall system.







Install Onyx Wall Panel

Install Onyx Wall Panel


Onyx collection materials are installed as solid pieces. Shower base, shower panels, and accessories. They are installed against standard sheetrock and adhered with silicone. After product has been installed the joints are sealed with a color matching 100% silicone. Cutting, drilling, and sanding the product requires the use of standard woodworking tools. Tile is installed in pieces to make up a shower wall and shower panes. Tile requires a concrete backer board to adhere to. Tile is adhered with mastic. An un-sanded grout is applied to grout joints after tile installation. Shower pans are created by installing a rubber membrane, pouring concrete with a consistent slope toward the drain, and finished off with tile. Tile saws, grinding wheels, and concrete tools are required for tile shower installation. Fiberglass installation is an easy installation as the unit is one piece. Fiberglass installs to studs with an integrated nailing flange. In most remodeling projects a fiberglass unit will not fit through a bathroom door.







Onyx Cleaner

Cleaning Onyx Showers



Onyx Collection is cleaned with everyday household cleaners. No abrasive cleaners can be used on the product as it may dull the surface. No Sealing needs to be done as the finish (gel-coat) is built into the product and is guaranteed to last a lifetime.







Onyx Wall Panel & Trim

Onyx Wall Panel & Trim


Onyx Collection products are designed to be done only once and last a life time.  Onyx is a solid surface product with a high density gelcoat finish like that on a boat. The wall panels  are bonded to the wall with silicone and all the seams are filled with color-matched silicone witch is impervious to mold and mildew and will not crack.









Tile and Grout

Tile can be cleaned by a variety of cleaners. Tile is designed to last about 15 years if installed correctly. Grout needs to be sealed at least every 2 years. Grout may need to be re-done every couple of years as grout is a concrete product.  With natural expansion and contraction of a house, the grout will crack over time and cause leaks.








Fiberglass Base

Fiberglass is fairly easy to maintain. Smooth walls with no grout to clean. Fiberglass showers have to be set in mortar for  support. Fiberglass is thin and is susceptible to cracking. If a crack is developed the entire unit needs to be replaced.







Onyx showers are typically going to cost slightly more than tile and fiberglass due to its customized nature and quality of materials used.  Onyx Collection showers are a great investment to your home. Customers are enjoying their Onyx shower for years and when they are ready to sell their investment comes full circle. No re-grouting. No resealing. No cracking or leaking. No worries!