How to Cut, Drill, and Sand
Onyx Collection Material

Cutting or sanding Onyx will create allot of dust.
It’s best to do this out side or in a well ventilated room.
Eye protection and a breathing mask is necessary.




Cutting Onyx can be done using common wood working tools. Protect the surface of the Onyx by applying painters masking tape so the tools do not scratch the product. We recommend first scribing a cut line with a grease pencil. A fine tooth wood blade will work fine. LARGE PANELS: For cutting large panels we recommend a table to help support the panel. A hand held circular saw will also work.
Using a saw guide will help keep edges straight SMALL PIECES: For cutting smaller pieces of Onyx such as trim, we recommend a hand held circular saw, chop saw or jig saw with a fine tooth wood blade.






For Drilling Onyx material, standard wood drill bits are recommended. Again, protect the surface of the Onyx by applying painters masking tape so the tools do not scratch the product. With a pencil, mark on the
painters tape the location to be drilled. Be careful to not let the drill “walk” across the Onyx when drilling. A small pilot hole will help prevent this. Hole saws are helpful for drilling holes for shower vales. If you do not have a large enough hole saw, you can use a jig saw to cut the circle.
Start with a small hole, then cut the circle with the jig saw.






Sometimes it’s necessary to cut or “shave” a small amount to get tight fit. A hand held grinder is useful for larger or thicker pieces of Onyx. For small or thinner pieces, a belt sander or even a palm sander will get the job done.