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Why order from DIY-Showers?

DIY Showers takes great pride in our customer service, product knowledge and installation know how. We feel that we are your solution if you want to take advantage of a nicer shower and save money by doing it yourself! 

How long does it take to receive my order once payment is made?

Typical time frame to receive your order after payment has been received is about 2 – 5 weeks. If you need something quicker we do everything we can to meet those deadlines. We take great pride in our customer service and exceeding your expectations. 

How do I order my Onyx Collection product from DIY Showers?

After your desired Onyx Collection product has been selected we contact you via phone or email and make sure that everything is clear from what you need to how it all installs. Payment for your product is received by DIY-Showers. Payment can be made by either PayPal or check. Your Onyx Collection product is ordered. Your product is manufactured to your specs. A delivery day with a time is set with you. Your product is delivered to your home or jobsite. Yup its that easy.

Can I install Onyx Collection accessories or trim with tile walls?

Absolutely. The Onyx Collection accessories are an easy way to get that storage you need for all your hair products or a place to sit in the shower! All accessories come with all the necessary mounting and installation hardware you need to get the job done without hitting the hardware store. 

I want to go with an Onyx Collection shower base and tile walls. Will it work?

Absolutely. The Onyx Collection shower base is designed to work both with Onyx Collection shower panels or tile of your choice. 

I think i need a custom shower base. What are my options?

Custom shower bases can be installed to almost any size (assuming you stay smaller that a 10’x8′) and almost any shape. So if you have a design in mind, chances are we can have it manufactured to those exact specs! 

What tools do I need for working with Onyx Collection products?

Onyx Collection products can be cut with standard woodworking tools. The key is to use fine tooth blades for cutting and wood bits when drilling. Wood bits and blades will limit ‘chipping’ when cutting or drilling the Onyx Products. If you needed to ‘shave’ or ‘sand’ something down, standard sand paper can be used to your grit preference. Click here to see some of the popular tools used in working with the Onyx Collection products. 

What do I clean Onyx Collection products with?

Onyx Collection products can be cleaned with just about any household cleaner so long as it is not abrasive? No Softscrub, Comet, etc or anything that contains a ‘grittiness’ as this will potentially scratch finish. A great way to keep your Onyx Collection shower looking great is a squeegee after taking shower. 



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