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Inside Corner Trim Installation?


Posted 2 years ago

I imagine it is pretty straight forward, but I like to follow directions.
Is it as simple:
1) trimming to length
2) cleaning trim/walls
3) running a bead of silicone adhesive in corner
4) setting corner trim into corner, wiping away any excess ahesive
5) taping into place while silicone cures
6) then running two beads of color match silicone on each side of trim
Thanks in advance


Posted 2 years ago


Pretty close. This is how we do it: 

1) trimming to length
2) cleaning trim/walls
3) running a beads of COLOR MATCH silicone on the inside corner trim where it will rest up against the wall (2 sides)
4) setting corner trim into corner pressing firmly (no taping required)
5) Spray down excessive color match silicone 
6) Run finger down seam to make clean wiping excess onto a paper towel
7) then running two beads of color match silicone on each side of trim (if need be after step 6)

I would highly recommend watching the silicone application video as well. 




Posted 11 months ago

I initially wanted to purchase an Onyx Collection tub surround kit with corner trim... because I thought the corner trim would hide caulk. However, my impression is that instead of 1 bead of caulk in each corner of the tub walls, here will be 2 beads of caulk showing. Is this correct?

Adam Harpe

Posted 10 months ago


You are correct. You would have 2 seams instead of one. My suggestion would be to oversize the shower panels a little and proceed to scribe the side shower panel to the back shower panel. If you can't scribe the shower panel to the desired gap (less than 1/8" gap) you may want to go with the inside corner trim. 



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