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What's the deal with shower curtains that blow inwards??

Bob Valles

Posted one year ago

It's like once the shower turns on the curtain becomes "alive" LOL!

Adam Harpe

Posted one year ago


That is hilarious! I have never heard of that before. Might be time to switch to a shower door - if those move (come alive) you might want to sell the house..........




Posted one year ago

I think he's talking about something like this?

Billy Cooley

Posted 7 months ago

Lol!  There is a simple answer to this. The wind "suction" is created through the natural effect of the water flowing in the confined space of the shower creating a vortex, or vacuum if you will. Basically the same as sticking a fire nozzle out of the window of a burning house to suck the smoke out of the space.

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