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Adding wall to insulate shower


Posted one year ago

One of the walls of our new shower is on an exterior wall. There will be no plumbing on this wall. I'm pretty sure the original construction is double brick, vapour barrier, slats, and drywall. So husband built a 3" wall in front of the drywall to add insulation. He's planning on CBU and Kerdi membrane for the shower walls. My question is about the insulation... should he remove the drywall or let it stay? From the outside in, should it go double-brick, vapour-barrier, unfaced insulation, then CBU (back of shower wall)? Or is it okay to leave the drywall and just add some insulation between the old drywall and the CBU? Any advice would be appreciated.

Adam Harpe

Posted one year ago


I would just leave the drywall in. I really wouldn't be too concerned with anything - plenty of R value there! 



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