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Fixing a concrete shower base mistake

Jeff DeTroye

Posted one year ago

I am building a new shower and made a silly mistake with the second layer of concrete. I had already (in order) put thinset down on the subfloor, then a layer of 4:1 concrete, then the membrane, and was laying down the final concrete layer on top of the membrane. Needed to mix concrete for that layer in two batches and the second batch was too wet. Instead of fixing that I was in a rush and went ahead and used it as is. The too wet concrete went in on top of the first batch which was properly mixed. Now if I run my hand over the fully dried concrete it sheds sand and grit (I know, the concrete is weak due to too much water). The question is - what should I do now? Can I go ahead and spread thinset on this gritty top layer? Or is there a fix to firm the surface up other than removing and replacing the whole top layer?

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