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Can a new concrete shower pan be installed over old


Posted one year ago

Can I install a new concrete shower pan over an existing concrete shower pan? My contractor is trying to pour a new pad over the old one. Thanks in advance!

norman svien

Posted 8 months ago

The existing shower has a concrete pan and ceramic can I get a pre made pan to fit on top of this. The problem is it leaks down through the floor in to the downstairs bathroom I am trying to avoid demoing the shower.

Adam Harpe

Posted 8 months ago


It sounds like you are gonna need to demo the shower down to the studs. There are so many factors when dealing with a leak in a tile shower. Any one of these could cause a leak: 

Shower drain
Shower valve
Shower pan liner
Supply line 
Drain line 

Plus you definitely don't want to seal that moisture in as you will get mold. I would tear it out and start a new shower from scratch. 



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