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Installation and out of square walls


Posted 3 years ago

The problem we have had in the past when using pre-manufactured inserts / panel is that where we live there is a hiigh amount of settling or if construction was hurried, the home is less than perfectly square. How does your product design make allowance for these discrepancies?

Adam Harpe

Posted 3 years ago

Brian, I have installed hundreds of these units and it is very rare that you run into a square plumb shower in new construction or remodel situation. I can also say that we have never run in to a situation where an Onyx shower will not work. Corner shower trim crown moldingBesides the fact that shower trim can be ordered with all Onyx Collection shower to hide the sin (gaps due to out of square or out of plumb walls) the product can always be oversized and trimmed in the field. Trimming is an easy task as all products are designed to be worked on with standard woodworking tools. Belt sanders, grinders, circular saws, jigsaws, are commonly used. how to cut shower wall panelsCheers! Adam 

wayne fleetwood

Posted 9 months ago

Okay my walls are out of square by a little more than 1/4". I am installing a seat in my shower... how do I fit it in?

Adam Harpe

Posted 9 months ago


If you installing a bolt on shower seat I would recommend grinding the back side of the seat in order to accommodate the 'out of squareness'. Depending on the size of the gap sometimes you can just apply more adhesive on the back side of the seat and split the difference allowing a small gap on both sides of the front of your seat. You would then seal between the seat and the shower walls. I wouldn't recommend anything larger than 3/16" gap though. 



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