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All of our products are proudly manufactured by Granicast in Kansas.

Quality products, our guarantee, quick delivery, ease of installation, and low failure rate have made us legends in this industry. If you have a question, problem, or suggestion, please call us at (785) 408-0658. We always do our best to correct a problem to your satisfaction.

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Man am I glad my wife found you guys. I had no idea how I was going to do a custom tile shower. I had no idea custom shower pans were available. It fit like a glove and took like 20 minutes to install! ~ Frank G. Junction City KS

Standard and Custom Shower Kits

Corner, tub-replacement, and custom shape shower pans. Glass enclosures, and wall panels.

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Shower Wall Panels and Tub Surrounds

A great alternative to tiling your shower or around your tub. Waterproof and easy to clean.

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