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Let's get started on a quote for a tub surround.

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Tub surround type

Tub surrounds can be ordered in either 3 panel, or 5 panel configurations. Please select which configuration you would like below.

Standard 3 panel surround

A standard 3 panel tub surround is composed of 3 Onyx wall panels. The 2 side panels are flush with the front of the tub.

5 panel surround

A 5 panel tub surround is composed of a back wall panel, two side panels that extend past the front of the tub, and two smaller panels that fit below the extended panels on the front of the tub.


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Wall panel dimensions

Please enter the dimensions (in inches) for your tub surround panels below.

Width Height

x Back panel (panel 1) x Right panel (panel 2) x Left panel (panel 3) Tub height x Left front panel (panel 4) x Right front panel (panel 5)


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Wall panel finish

Please select a finish for your tub surround wall panels

Gloss finish

The most popular finish. Glossy classic appearance, easy to clean smooth surface

gloss finish shower wall panels

Matte finish

Lightly sanded and sealed. Little or no shine on matte finish wall panels

matte finish shower wall panels


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Wall panel color

Please select a color for your tub surround wall panels. If you are not sure which color you would like, please request free color sample chips. We will gladly send you up to 5 color sample chips at absolutely no charge to you.

Please select a panel color from the list, or click a color below







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Wall panel trim

Would you like inlays or trim with your tub surround? Please check all that you are interested in.

Crown molding

Crown Molding shower trim adds to the appearance of the shower and also makes the wall panel installation easier, especially if the wall panels will go to the ceiling.

wall panel tub surroundshower crown molding trim

Corner trim

Corner Trim is often used as an accent or as a filler when walls are crooked or out of plumb. Each trim has many uses and can easily be modified to fit your shower.

wall panel shower corner trim


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One Last Step

This is the last step. We keep your personal information secure, and do not share your information with anyone.
Remember, there is no obligation to purchase the product from us, we will calculate a quote, and email it to you.
We use your address to calculate shipping, not to send you junk mail. Your information is safe with us.

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Just one second, we are submitting your information...

Thats it! Here is your tub surround quote.

If you like what you see, click "Pay and place order" at the bottom of this screen, and we'll get your tub surround into production and shipped within 3 weeks! We are always a phone call away for installation help!


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