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Shower base

A shower base is the most basic component of a shower kit. It can be ordered as a stand alone product, or together with shower walls, caddies, trim, and seats for a complete shower kit.

1Shower Base Type

Please select a base type

Rectangular / Square

A rectangular shower base is dsigned to be installed with walls on three sides, and a front entrance.

Double Threshold

A double threshold shower is designed to be installed in a corner with glass installed on 2 sides, and provides maximum showering space. Shower base can have a wall on the left or right side.

Neo Angle

A Neo-Angle shower base is designed to be installed in a corner, and provides an aesthetically pleasing angle as well as space-saving advantages.


2Dimensions / Drain Location

Enter the dimensions you need for your shower base. Keep in mind the specs shown are framing specs. Please watch the how to measure video to see what size works for you.

  Select shower base type to enter dimensions

Please enter the dimensions and drain location of your base


3Base Color

Please select a color

If you are looking for an average cost of a shower, and do not know which color you would like, please check the box below. We also would be happy to send you free color sample chips.


4Curb Profile

Please select an edge profile

Full Height

3" tall

Low Profile

1 1/2" tall

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Shower walls

Shower walls are 3/8" thick Granicast onyx panels, and are used to surround your shower base. Most showers will use a panel for each wall. Each wall panel is a separate piece. The side panels have two finished edges, (top & front) and the back panel will have a finished top edge.

1Would you like to include shower walls?

Would you like to include shower walls in your shower kit?

Please make a selection


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A shower seat or caddy adds functionaliy and style to your shower.

1Shower Seat

Corner shower seats are pre-drilled and ready to be installed. Each seat comes with a kit that includes bolts, washers and complete installation instructions. Shower seats can support over 400 lbs.


2Shower Caddie

Shower caddies are a nice way to keep all that shampoo, conditioner, razors, bars of soap (well, you get the hint) off the floor. Choose from a variety of styles which include corner, recessed, flush mount, and others to get that necessary storage for a nicer shower shower!
Shower caddies are provided with mounting hardware and adhesive silicone.


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